Collection: Printables

Do you have a printer and/or cutting machine? All you really need is a printer! Why wait when you can have it now in your home! You will receive a zip file containing both a  png + and pdf file for the design you chose! The printables you will be receiving are for personal use only. They are not intended for commercial use or to be distributed. You are not to redistribute these products such as for swaps, gifting to others, etc. Please do not alter the colors/designs of the printables you will be receiving other than to re size it as needed. This includes removing the outline to make your own clusters in a design program which were not intended unless made otherwise by the original artist. You are able to cluster after the print as the sticker is intended. Please do not distribute this product for resale. Attempting to re-distribute or commercially sell any designs created by Martinez Sticker Company artist's will result in copyright issues with the company.